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Bruce Shirley

Over the past several months we worked with Erik Anderson and his team from Wood Crest Builders as our General Contractors on remodeling our Lake Home, built in the early 1960s. After the first walk through, we decided the house needed to be totally rebuilt. However, we chose to remodel inside and out, keeping the original foot-plan to please the county inspector’s strict guidelines. So right from the start, Erik & his team were faced with multiple challenges on the property. With our budgets in mind, they offered multiple options to save costs and keep within our means as the project moved forward through each stage of the construction process. Throughout the project they suggested better, cost effective solutions in each room that in the end, still exceeded the overall look and feel we were going after. They were very detail oriented and kept a number of projects running at the same time to save on contractor costs rather than waiting for each phase to be complete. It was so nice to work with this contractor, they seemed to really care about the project rather than most contractors I have dealt with in the past who just want to get the job done and don’t care how it turns out. Everyday they showed enthusiasm towards each project and finished beyond our expectations. Their superior craftsmanship and expertise definitely shined through on this project. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and look forward to hopefully working with them again in the future!

Written on 9/14/2016

Linda Brothanek

Ryan and Joe did a fabulous job on my laundry room remodel. I couldn't be more pleased. It is bright and cheerful, the floor turned out perfect and the walls and trim look brand new. I think Ryan did a great job on the ceiling. Working around all the tubes, cables, vents, and a 100 other things, it looks remarkably well. Thank you for being so flexible with my dryer, but Ryan knew just what to do to fix it and it turned out great. I have a ton of added space.

Linda Brothanek

Written on 4/22/2015

Marge Otten

I'm writing this letter for people who are looking for a good contractor to do work on their home. It's unsolicited from the company and is my idea because of the great work that they do.

In June 2013 I put out bids for a contractor to do work on my house. Erik Anderson of Wood Crest Builders was chosen to do the work. The company installed all new windows which included bedrooms, front room, kitchen, basement and others. They did an excellent job on them and cleaned for any lead paint that may have been on the old woodwork. Then they wrapped all the woodwork on the outside of the house and the garage so that I will no longer need to pain any of it. Lastly the house was sand blasted in preparation for a re-stucco job, which included knocking out all of the old that had cracks or holes and plastering in preparation of the stucco which was applied in another two coats. I had a problem with a leaky roof on my breezeway and the new roof created a problem for putting up a railing. These guys overcame the problems and have installed a beautiful vinyl railing which should not need any care in the future.

That is the work that was done for me and my house looks like new although it was built in 1948. That is not all. The work took three different crews and every one of the men working on the house were very sociable and nice and pleasant to have around. they started work at 7 am and usually left around 4 pm. When they came they placed covers over everything that might be harmed by the work and before they left they cleaned up everything that was laying around and put everything away for the night.

I cannot praise this company enough as even my neighbors have remarked to me about the crews and the work they were doing and since I'm a widow I was happy my neighbors were looking out for me.


Marge Otten

Fridley, MN

Written on 4/21/2015