We are Wood Crest Builders (WCB), an established building and Remodeling company with over 16 years of excellent performance. We take the lead in providing quality services and craftsmanship to homeowners and businesses throughout the Twin Cities Metro and extended areas in Minnesota.

WCB specializes in residential and commercial building and remodeling. WCB participates with the renovation and rehabilitation programs offered to homeowners through government agencies and local jurisdictions.



Meet the founder and CEO of Wood Crest Builders (WCB), a true entrepreneur. After graduating from high school, Erik's shop teacher knew he had something special. He was referred to a building and remodeling company who also saw that fire and passion within him. While working long days and weekends in the construction field, Erik was afforded the opportunity to enroll in an apprenticeship program with The Builders Association. He was able to tackle his education during evenings while still working full time during the day. It was his drive and determination that enabled him to rank top of his class and achieve high marks during those years, but most importantly, he earned the approval and admiration of both his instructor and boss.


Erik's passion for hands on craftsmanship led him to opening his own business called Woodcrest Building & Remodeling. With his drive and determination it wasn't a surprise that his business would be successful. Erik's innovation and strong family values made it possible for an expansion to the business. Erik recognized that his brother, Tallis Anderson, also shared the same passion for quality craftsmanship and both agreed to work together. It was shortly after when Erik's other brother Logan Anderson encompassed the offer to joining the team too. Now the three brothers were working side by side, building relationships, defining new roles within the company and the business began to flourish.


Taking pride and building relationships with clients purely based on respect, gratitude, and sincerity is a big reason for the success and growing demand of the company, as it is their attention to detail and eye for innovation that sets them apart from others in the industry. With a growing reputation a new longtime family friend, Ryan Mosser, was welcomed to the team. Together they formed the Wood Crest Builders team now called WCB. With long hours in and out of the field, and a growing portfolio, WCB reached out to hire another respectful team member. We are thankful that we found the newest member, Joe Hartman, as we have warmly welcomed him to the WCB team.


WCB is still family owned and operated by Owner & CEO Erik Anderson, Owner & CFO Sarah Anderson. Project Manager Tallis Anderson, Site Supervisor Joe Gorman, Lead Carpenters Logan Anderson, Ryan Mosser, and Rylan Quist. General Laborers Jake Larson, Nathan Caudill and Brandon Caudill. We are pleased to say that we are stronger than ever as we continue to meet goals and set expectations within the company despite the economic hard times. Today WCB is growing into the Commercial Construction Industry while still continuing to serve our residential clients through referral and repeat business. We are also proud to be able to have the opportunities to help our local communities through work provided by Government Agencies and their rehabilitation programs offered to homeowners.


To provide superior construction services to homeowners and businesses while promoting integrity, fairness and honesty. We will meet the goals of the customer by displaying the highest level of professionalism, quality of workmanship and gratitude. Being a family owned and operated business we strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers, vendors and suppliers. Our strong business values will allow us to meet and exceed all expectations and safeguard customer satisfaction.